Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tom Shayes Got Bumped Off. Who Cares?

Who is Tom Shayes, you ask?

He was the lawyer who worked in a law firm in the hit TV series, Damages, who got killed because he tried too hard.

Tom was a good employee who worked hard for an unappreciative boss, Patti Hewes who will stop at nothing just to win her case.

Doesn’t this sound familiar? There are millions out there today jobless through no fault of theirs. All they ever wanted was earn a decent income and bring home the bacon, so to speak. But it seems that is not good enough.

The jobless millions who work their butts off were suddenly laid off at a time when they were:

1. Upgrading their present home to accommodate growing kids;

2. Upgraded to a bigger house (same reason as above)

2. Bought a 2nd family car;

3. Took a Bank loan for the children’s college education.

All of the above matters are money related i.e. you need to pay off the loans, either medium or long term.

What is going to happen next?

Your guess is as good as mine. They are now mired in debts with no one else to turn to.

Who are the culprits?

Who else but the financial whiz kids in Wall Street who robs you of your hard earned money by their glib talk and of course, the lenders of last resort(AKA banking institutions) who are ever willing to extend credits in good times but quickly withdraw them in times of bad?

When a man is drowning, the logical thing to do is throw him a lifejacket, right? But here we have bankers doing the opposite thing- taking away the only thing that could save his life!

What does it say about the state of our economy?

Suddenly, there are no more white clouds but dark evil ones hovering above. And all because of greedy, dishonest people who will stop at nothing just to get at your honest, hard earned money.

They will even sell their mother for a song! Heard about the Bernie guy who Made Off with billions? It is so pitiful to see so many people losing all their millions by entrusting their life savings to one guy. Mama Mia!

How ruthless and degrading can a person get! The world is full of Patti Hewes and Bernie Maddoffs.And I dare say we will not see the last of them. It is like a Hollywood re-run. Every decade or so, there will be another crisis-perhaps even on a much Bigger scale!

For those who have lost almost everything, it is time to take stock of your lives and start all over again. It is tough no doubt but hey,who ever says that life is a song?

A word of advice though.This time don’t listen to the GURUS especially those from Wall Street. You might as well go see a roving gypsy and be entertained, for a mere $10.

There are many opportunities out there in network marketing but it won’t be discussed here. This is not the right forum.

The road of life is a long and winding one paved with unseen obstacles.

I wish you well and keep up the fighting spirit.

Osram Quan

Skype ID: peace2all30